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A Delicious Links post written by on August 31, 2012

Heirloom Tomato Caprese

This week has been filled with orgiastic feasts from which I might not properly recover. Ever. The boyfriend has a friend in town and there’s a wedding, so my stomach has been dealing with bilious blows of an epicurean and libatious nature. Is there such a thing as food fatigue? I managed to put together a decent brunch in my pajamas before sending the boys off on their own tiresome adventures so I can bake an apple pie and sip some much needed caffeinated tonic. Meanwhile, I got this list of delicious links (also some cute ones because I cannot help myself) together for your internet browsing pleasure.

+ Is it just me or did the internet just harvest all of its corn this week? Literally, everybody is talking about corn.

+ This capellini and corn recipe is very inspiring… but I think it needs some chickpeas to make it more proteinaceous.

+ If I had too much corn, I’d totally do this: Pickled Corn! Genius!

+ I made this gnocchi the other day. As usual, that book is amazing. The original recipe calls for chanterelles but they will not be in season till October. Shiitakes make a great substitute.

+ I’m in love with shelled beans this season so we are making and eating things like this all the time. It’s a lovely comfort food if you live in fog. I’m going to share a similar simple, vegan recipe with you next week…

+ Gravensteins are now in season so I’m making one pie a week it seems – This  looks incredible don’t you think? Next time…

+ I have an influx of heirloom tomatoes right now so this tart is going on my list. Her watercolors are so inspiring. I need to get to work.

+ I eat eggs all the time, but I have never seen any as colorful as this. Egg envy + chicken envy.

+ These cute animals need to belong to me. Really, if you want to be my friend, this gift is a requirement.

+ I can’t keep up with my butter so this whale butter dish looks just fine. Whale butter sounds amazing.

+ These cute drawings are perfect. Cute. Overload. Plus plenty of vegetables.



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