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A Delicious Links, Ramblings post written by on September 8, 2012

The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul


So… it’s already September. I don’t recall having any particular predilection towards the month of September, but this coming season, Autumn beckons all sort of scents and sentiments: apple pies, cider, Appalachia, burning fires, caramel. Apple pies, for all of their patriotic and nostalgic qualities, do live up to every bit of nostalgia when made right. I’d sooner have blueberry pies but apple pies are “pleasant”. When baking, their scent warms the house and makes me think of all sorts of cozy things like fuzzy blankets, hot tea, and heavy books, which provides a stark contrast to the insanity of 6th street outside my window. Subsequently, my list of delicious links for the week has a wee bit of apples, a teapot, and a few books, of course.



+ I get a lot of requests for apple pies so I dutifully make them with a happy heart, and I almost always use this recipe. It’s nearly flawless. I add a glaze of 1 pt  egg yolk and 1 pt heavy cream and top it off with some raw sugar.

+ Speaking of apples, I really enjoyed going through this inspiring list of apple recipes… I think I am going to tackle apple sauce this month, perhaps the one in Ripe by Nigel Slater.

+ If you have a glut of stone fruit pits, check out these recipes for ideas on how to use them. I typically make a tea, but this is a whole new level altogether.

+ Tout Sweet Patisserie is now opened @Macy’s San Francisco, who wants to go with me??? Nutella-stuffed sugar buns for 2.75!

+ I just picked up Auberge of the Flowering Hearth. Was it David Lebovitz who planted that idea?

+ Speaking of books, I am wrapping up this lovely book by MFK Fischer: The Gastronomical Me. It’s such a gem… not quite as charming as Consider the Oyster, but still lovely.

+ This teapot makes me giggle.

+ This vintage mid-century bowl is the cutest! Gimme? Also, this yellow checkered bowl and maybe a matching yellow dutch oven?

+ I’m really lovin’ these hugging elephant salt and pepper shakers.

+ Half of the people I share this wine-rapping video to thinks it’s awful. Decide for yourself. I like it -it’s supposed to be bad right???

+ Am I the only one who thinks that McDonald’s vegetarian restaurants in India is insulting to Hindu beliefs?

+ I’m not sure what to think of this tumblr dedicated to VP Joe Biden eating ice cream.

+ Also, to those who work from home, this study finds you’re more productive than office workers. What think ye?

+ I live in San Francisco so I made an Earthquake Playlist this week. Enjoy!


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