Delicious Links #3

A Delicious Links, Ramblings post written by on September 21, 2012


Today is Parking Day, meaning I will be biking around San Francisco in search of temporary parklets. I’ll be taking photos, but you can check out my point and shoot at the same event two years ago on my Flickr account. I’ve been a more active participant in the past but I’ve been too busy cooking and eating to notice that September was creeping on so quickly. What a sneaky month!


Here is this week’s list of delicious links full of tomatoes’ last hurrah, fun food finds, and San Francisco events:

+ The photo above is a gentle reminder to roast/dry your tomatoes before it’s too late. I got 5lbs of cherry tomatoes to add to my small collection. I’m also making tomato sauce this weekend (I use oregano instead of thyme… also none of that carrot stuff).

+ I’m going to caramelize tomato paste the next time I use them… you should too.

+ Summer greens are going away soon, so this list of 11 things to do with kale will get you all set for fall.

+ 11 seems to be the magic number for slideshows this week, so here’s another 11 recipes for honey. Sweet, literally.

+ NYT article on real buttermilk has a recipe for buttermilk using buttermilk. WTF, right?

+ Speaking of buttermilk, if you like cooking with it, check out what serious eaters are cooking with that soured milk.

+ I’m really not much of a sandwich eater, but I like sprouts, so I was thinking of growing my own… maybe for some sprouted bread?

+ If you are too busy to go on a tour of vineyards, take this fauxtrip of California wines at the Ferry Building this Saturday.

+ I like it when engineers and robots get together to make eating more fun. Take this automated popcorn machine for example.  When you say ‘pop’, it shoots popcorn into your mouth by locating where the word came from in the room. Fun!!!

+ If you like cats and pumpkins this photo of a cat in a pumpkin pile was made for you!

+ The best part about today, Parking Day SF 2012, might be this pizza truck.

+ I must have this vintage teacup and saucer. Must.

+ I love these custom handmade chopsticks with burnt engravings.

+ Tired of Clint Eastwood and politics? How about Harrison Ford and broccoli? I’ve definitely fallen in love with the right man…

+There’s no new playlist this week, but check out this lovely tune from a band with an equally lovely name: Princess Music

+ Check out this video below of some lovely ear candy, literally: a dark chocolate record that’s playable and edible!


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