Dragon Fruit Party

A Rare post written by on September 26, 2012

Dragon Fruit

San Francisco is pretty fabulous, but fresh dragon fruits and dragons are the likes of tropical fairy tales. This fairy tale began with an exiting email about Phan Farms last month, and I have been stalking their farm stand since I got over the shock.

The last time I had fresh, local dragon fruits was in 2010 during a long trip to Mexico. I ate rare fruits by the bucket – enough to meet my daily water quota. Literally, it was so easy to find yourself by a fruit stand with a cup of freshly chopped fruit with chili or by a smoothie stand with a pureed blend of fruit and oatmeal. I miss this aspect of tropical living…

Dragon fruits are not particularly strange tasting, but their appearance is stunning. The edible part is white with black seeds and has a comparable taste and texture to very ripe kiwis. They are never sour but tend to be bland if it is not ripe enough, so pick a soft fruit with even, brightly colored skin. Color spots might mean over-ripened fruit, but I’ve never had one I disliked.

My favorite way to serve dragon fruit is in halves with spoons… they are soft and delicate so peeling/cutting is a waste of energy. For $20, I was able to procure five dragon fruits for a small celebration. We sat around with our own halves and talked about our dragon fruit experiences in Vietnam, while I brainstormed various alcohol pairings for a tropical cocktail. It’s bound to happen.


They are only available another week, so get to UN Plaza before I do!!!

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