Delicious Links #4

A Delicious Links post written by on September 28, 2012

Fresh Dill

I took this fennel photo earlier this summer when I was momentarily engrossed in the art of refrigerator pickles. I prefer those to traditional canning methods that cook the crunchiness, therefore, the freshness out of vegetables. I’ve been toying with the idea of brines and fermentation… so there’s a possibility of krauts this winter?

I don’t have the time or energy to brine yet becayse this week has been quite unpredictable, but I sneaked away from the craziness to compile this list of my favorites things online – it’s a way to gleam inspiration for the mundane existence I would otherwise live…

+ I might be baking an apple pie a week, but I still dream of apple cakes and bread.

+ By far the most interesting way to enjoy Craft Mac & Cheese.

+ I almost always have tea without milk but it’s also because it’s so great regardless of the health benefits. But those health benefits are like… sprinkles!

+ I’m no caviar consumer but this dried caviar grinder is pretty sweet.

+ This girl is going to start fermenting all sorts of briny things… thanks to this cheap $15 vessel/fermenting crock hack! YAY.

+ USA Today declares Dottie’s  (down the street) an SF institution. Come by, check out the homies while you wait 3 hours for breakfast. Or, just stop by my place and we will feast!

+ Bar Tartine now has a sandwich counter. Who’s hungry? Obviously I am.

+ I bet this black hole has a mouth as big as mine.

+ Sera’s etsy shop is to die for. Really really great simple graphic prints. Rainy day wallpaper? Yes please.

+ This house is a dream… so much lovely wood and details.

+ I want to learn how to make these sheep things – I love sheep things on everything.

+ I will leave you with this song. It had me dreaming about synthesized soundscapes of muted waves.


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