Celebrating Cheese Month at Mission Cheese

A Ramblings, San Francisco post written by on October 15, 2012

Local at Mission Cheese


I’ve been hiding behind the business of living, but not without some attempts at documentation. I take photos, but they too have been resting in the comforts of slack. I feel little guilt because I think hours are needed between the thinking, making, and sharing that comprise this blog. But… I am back, and I’ve got so many stories and images to share, it’s going to take weeks just to sort through the details…

I wanted to share these lovely photos because we are in the middle of Cheese Month, and I have been visiting Mission Cheese in celebration. It’s a tiny corner of our city, but a precious corner made of small tables and nice people. My lovely friend Nathan ordered a Vermont Flight and we indulged in a small sampling of cheese from that Eastern state. Going to Mission Cheese is always an Event, and there are few places like that in this city – or even country, where you can have exquisite artisanal cheeses from various terroirs.

What’s special about Cheese Month is that you can buy a passport for only $10 and get 25% off of the daily cheese at Mission Cheese. Awesome right? I should be at Mission Cheese right now! (They also have lovely sandwiches and drinks… )

I don’t know of any other retailers in SF that is participating so let me know if there are …


Come back on Wednesday for a nice little rosewater tart filled with cute kiwi berries!


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