Kiwi Berry Tart with Rosewater Custard

A Rare, Sweet post written by on October 17, 2012

Kiwi Berry Tart with Rosewater Custard


Rare fruits create their own occasion, the kind that warrants a splurge at Sur la Table following days of thought experiments, a whirlwind of mixing, rolling, and the attendant short lived joy of tart consumption. I’ve spent the past month in such delights but hardly had the time to commit such felicity to an audience… until I bit into my first kiwi berry. They are quite expensive – at three dollars for half a pint they rival the costliest of berries but are worth each penny. That’s why I sent my boyfriend back to the store to fetch me three containers of the fruit the very next day. Did I mention they look like miniature kiwis and taste like flowers?

Kiwi berries are actually not the same specie as the larger, more familiar fruit, but their flavor dwarfs their larger cousin. The berries typically grow in siberian climates but have a tropical overtone. It’s stunningly floral.

I’m so in love with these, I’ve considered buying my own vines. You need both a male and female vine to fruit and they cost about $20 each…

Thinking about the shape of things keeps my mind occupied. This habit is especially true when I am in the kitchen.

That’s why I purchased a rectangular tart pan. The architect in me likes its geometry, an elongated rectangle, like a prairie house sitting in the desert or nestling in the slopes of gentle, grassy hills. I have a thing for long and thin.

While I am not oft to think of my food forms as architectural elements, I do like to vary them because it makes serving the same types of dish more amusing: round tarts are usually cut into wedges and rectangular ones into smaller rectangles. Perhaps the difference is negigible, but pastries live such short lives.


Pate Sablee recipe adapted from Tartine

This is a more traditional crust for sweet tarts and are crumbly in texture, unlike the usual flakey crust.

1c. unsalted butter @room temperature

1c. sugar

1/4 ts salt

2 large eggs @room temperature

3 1/2 c. all purpose flour


Rosewater Custard Recipe (use only 1 ts. of rosewater!!!)

1 c. of kiwi berries, halved


+ In a large bowl, combine butter, sugar, and salt until smooth. Add eggs, one at a time, and mix until smooth. Add flour and mix until well-combined, scraping down the side of the bowl as needed.

+ Divide dough into four equal portions. Flatten each dough ball into a disk and allow to chill for at least two hours.

+ Remove one dough portion from the fridge, and on a floured surface, roll dough out into 1/8” thickness. Transfer the dough into the tart pan and press the dough onto the sides. Cut the excess dough with your rolling pin. Cover your tart pan and refrigerate until firm.

+ Preheat the oven to 325 °F.

+ Line your tart dough with parchment paper and fill it with pie weights – such as beans or rice. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove the shell(s) from the oven and allow to cool completely before removing pie weights.

+ Fill each shell about halfway with custard and bake until set. I place my kiwis into the custard about halfway through to get them to sit fully in the custard but in hindsight this was unnecessary – doing so made the kiwis soft.

+ Remove the custard from the oven and allow to cool. Top the tart with kiwi berries or other fruits.

+ If you want a glaze on raw kiwis, heat a few table spoons of apricot jam and brush it onto the berries.


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13 Responses to “Kiwi Berry Tart with Rosewater Custard”

  1. Looks different. But I guess it’s great…

  2. Absolutely exquisite. The photos, the creativeness of the recipe. Just beautiful. I will be following with eagerness.

    • PrincessTofu says:

      @zoeatrubadubdublog thank you so much zoe… it’s very inspiring to read this as i head into the weekend. I’ve been so busy lately to finish writing my posts, but I’m also working on a new ravioli adventure! See you around here and on your lovely blog.

      • @PrincessTofu Well you can’t tell you’re under time pressures – I love your comment about the architecture of food – it’s certainly something I’ve been giving a bit of thought to lately with my photographs…food seems to fall beautifully into shapes and angles and lines. You articulate that very well. Great work.

  3. AmandaHawkins says:

    This tart looks to be from a food fairyland! Will be sourcing kiwi berries as soon as possible. Delightful. And will be following for more…

  4. fatpiginthemarket says:

    I just saw (and tasted) kiwi berries for the first time last week. Man they’re pretty in a tart! Love the rectangular pan.

  5. Connecticut says:

    I was delighted to find this web site.I wanted to thank you for your time reading this wonderful! I really enjoyed every bit of it and I’ve marked to ensure that the website post something new.

  6. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed your blog posts.In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon !…

  7. kathrynnz says:

    when i was growing up in the 60tys in NZ we called these fruits chinese gooseberrys

    • PrincessTofu says:

      @kathrynnz That makes a lot of sense… I’m told they grow in the northern regions of China!

  8. Sarah says:

    This sounds amazing and I’d love to make it, but the link to the rosewater custard seems to no longer work!

    • phi says:

      Oh man, that makes me all sorts of sad. I like to link to original sources when using other’s recipes, but this is why I think most people re-share things, even if it’s verbatim. I need to re-think this strategy.

      I’ll have to try and remake this from memory and re-post this recipe…Sorry for the inconvenience.

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