The Life of Giants

A Uncategorized post written by on October 22, 2012

let's go giants!!!

UPDATE: SF GIANTS just swept the world series so I’m gonna post my ravioli post tomorrow night instead!!! GO Gigantes!!!


It’s probably true that living in cities make you psychotic. Not that I am admitting to that sort of statistic, they make me feel a little too normal.

But I do feel a little normal today of all days, when I made apple pie and watched the Giants be victorious in America’s favorite pastime – baseball. I watched a lot of ATL Braves baseball growing up and spent a lot of heartbroken autumns feeling deprived of national titles. I passionately hated the Yankees.

The foggy photo above is of a building on my street – it’s always been painted with those happy words – I smile each time I see them and imagined they were painted by loyal fans stooping over from the rooftop, approximating their inverted shapes. From the street their size is deceiving, but I am sure they are nearly as tall as I am. It’s my favorite ‘graffiti’. This evening, as the 6th playoff game entered its final innings, I had dinner at a local Philippino operated sushi restaurant where sushi eaters of every imaginable ethnicity cheered on our home team. Sushi and baseball is just as good as apple pie and baseball – at least in this strange and delicious melting pot of San Francisco I call home.


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