Deep Fried Pumpkin Butter Raviolis with Spiced Pecans and Blue Cheese

A Snack post written by on October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Butter Ravioli

My shelves are heavy from jars. It’s the kind of heaviness that makes me feel a little warm inside, even though there’s no winter storm to weather or long hungry months of nothing but pantry feasts and smoky hearths. I have been putting the slow cooker to use making butter from fruits and pumpkin harvests usually found in pies: peach, apple, pear, and pumpkin. I’ve also been sending them on long cross-country journeys in neatly packed boxes – I have taken photos to share with you when the time is right. For now, I’d rather just talk about fried raviolis.

Not too long ago  – I hesitate to date anything anymore because that number seems less trivial – I scoffed at the idea of fried raviolis, but I think the timing wasn’t right. Age does a lot of things to a palate, and it also opens more doors because one end of life seems shorter than the other. Not that I am near death, but I was pretty ecstatic to find my first gray hair the other evening. It was an exciting moment. I’m going to the graying woman who dies her all her hair gray. I think it’s beautiful.

Anyways, I thought the fried raviolis would be a good accompaniment to the fourth game of the World Series. Boy, was I wrong. The game lasted for an eternity and wreaked havoc on my sensitive stomach whose ability to stand stressful extra innings was pushed beyond its limits. These raviolis I ingested within moments before the game started as soon as the photos were snapped. In hindsight, I should have made a blue cheese sauce, so I’d suggest these with something more wet. I needed finger foods so the cheese were cubed and sat beside their deliciously spiced nuts. Baseball, pumpkin, and pecans just makes a beautiful team on a plate.

I didn’t bother making my own pasta and resorted to using some store bought won-tons but I think that too was a mistake, because they reminded me of won-tons.  I know I know… I’m quite silly and I know a lot of other people do use them but I don’t like them fried like this so if you are particular and have the time, do insist on regular pasta.


Deep Fried Pumpkin Butter Raviolis with Spiced Pecans and Gorgonzola


1 part pumpkin butter (if you are using pumpkin puree, spice it up with the usual pumpkin spices)

1 part fresh ricotta cheese

Won-ton wrappers or fresh ravioli pasta

Serve with: spiced pecans, blue cheese (or this blue cheese dip)


+ Fill raviolis with filling of 1 part  pumpkin butter and 1 part fresh ricotta. You can also make this vegan by using a less dense pumpkin puree and typical combinations of a home mix of pumpkin spice.

+ Allow to sit on the stove on a cookie sheet while you warm up the oven for the spiced pecans – this helps the raviolis dry up properly.

+ Deep fry until golden (under a minute depending on your oil temperature. Serve immediately.

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