Day 7 Part 2: Rosemary Infused Cranberry Digestif

A Libations post written by on November 23, 2012

Cranberry-Rosemary Digestif

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Are you feeling overstuffed yet? Do your stomach a favor and try a digestif. I’ve already mentioned my favorite – the ginger-Fernet Elixer. This drink is a more Christmas colored digestif with a very different flavor palate and a syrupy sweetness. This is a simply fabulous drink to serve just for its bright red colors. It’s very close to a Manhattan but has lovely rosemary and cinnamon flavors. When you bring the drink to your nose, be sure to take a moment to smell the nice cinnamon aroma.

I would suggest using frozen cranberries and pomegranateĀ  seeds for garnish. In my taste-testing, most people thought it was too syrupy, so I’ve decreased the sugar to my liking – you should do the same. It also tastes great with a splash of bitters.


I took the photo above by shooting through my fingers. I’ve been wanting to try it and the light colors bending around my fingers give it all a rosy effect. Exactly how I felt after imbibing in all of my cocktails.

Get the recipe here. Be sure to try it with less sugar in the syrup. I used about 2/3 of the recommended sugar.


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