Delicious Links #5

A Delicious Links post written by on December 14, 2012

Window Box

The weather has been terrible here. By that I mean my relationship with the weather here is on a hiatus. I’ve been cooped up with my frozen claws clinging to keyboard and mouse. Sometimes walking by my neighbor’s flowerbox brings a bit of serenity. There are strawberries in there! I used to watch each lil’ one because you can always tell when someone’s about to have SOMA strawberries – though I overheard the owner telling a friend that he would personally NEVER eat one of those berries.

The plants are so happy they are oozing out of every corner.I can see the mint peeking (or escaping?) out of the underbelly of its wooden home. I miss the outdoors and its sunny side of nature. I miss real jungles because my jungle is made of concrete and concrete trucks.

If only you could see my neighborhood right now… it’s a prefect image of irony with construction cranes and continual homelessness. The only other thing that’s beautiful and innocent is the colony of bees on my roof. Did you know? We have a beehive, and their honey tastes like fennel. I’m certain that they eat nothing but fennel nectar. Sometimes, the bees fly down onto my balcony and they have a go at my lavender blossoms or rosemary flowers. Worker bees are really cute and I encourage everyone to set up beehives because they are so inspiring to watch.

I have a parsnip salad i’m working on for monday and another brussel sprouts hash somewhere in there if I get motivated enough to poach eggs. Really, I just want to write about tea and cookies. It’s ripe for discussion now that I wear nothing but blankets. Here are some of my favorite internet finds this week, the theme is “What a Foodie Wants for Christmas”…

+ A foodie needs chocolate – shaped like baguettes.

+ A foodie would want this mouse warming pad to keep her hands warm while editing photos. I kid… really though , I’ve been looking for this forever and I found it when I searched for “heated mouse” on google. FTW!

+ A foodie would want to serve his/her drinks in a beautiful dispenser… because you can’t survive on edibles alone. Sometimes, there are libations!

+ Foodies would want yet another board to serve cheese or fruit on. There’s never enough wooden boards. Ever.

+ A foodie wants a little cup. Sure, they might serve you espresso… or some kind of amuse-bouche but who cares? It’s adorable!

+ A foodie would want a vintage cookbook. Especially if it’s French!

+ A foodie can make a lovely winter stew with ceramic casseroles! You know you love stews.

+ A foodie needs a custom made doggie mug of their actual dog. Wait what?

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