TGIF: Kumquat Rose Cocktail

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The cocktail scene in San Francisco makes me so fatigued – perhaps it is my ADD that keeps me from wanting to wait in long lines for a decent drink. That or I’m in the last year of my twenties and I love having a drink in quiet conversations with friends and not strangers. No offense to strangers present and future.

So that’s how I started with endless infusions. I now have vodka with pears, vodka with lemon and thyme… maybe a gin with rosemary or lemongrass in the making this evening.

Kumquat Infused Gin Bottle


I found this gem on Saveur – but it is hardly a recipe. It’s just a bottle of gin infused with 1.5lbs of sliced Kumquats and a bit of salt.

One of my favorite part about this cocktail is the lack of sweeteners. If you have ripe kumquats, they are naturally sweet. No sugar or honey or any of those things that I associate with poor mixing and bad hangovers.  Once you’ve gotten your gin infused for at least a day, it’s just 2 pt gin and 1 pt Lillet Rose and that’s it! Simplest cocktail ever – except for my lemon thyme vodka martini…

Get the recipe @Saveur

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