Deep Fried Dill Blossoms with Lemon Yogurt, Za’atar

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Deep Fried Dill Blossom with Lemon, Yogurt and Za'atar



Luck is when you find a farm stand that sells an armful of dill with beautiful giant, powdery blossoms for $1. The dill fronds go into my pickles. The flowers… well, I’m just beginning to tackle them. By that I mean, I want to buy a deep fryer, which can help me tackle my herb blossoms.Oh god what am I saying…

Someone please stop me: I’m about to purchase a deep fryer. You know, something to turn all of my healthy vegetables into panko-coated morsels of irresistible temptations. I must be stopped. I should just make vinegars and forget this fried habit, but I can’t quit. Not yet.


Dill Blossom

All of my fried goodies are made in a giant wok. Unfortunately, my gas stove is not the best, so the temperature never gets hot enough. This tends to make things a lot greasier than it ought to. Also, I make a terrible mess. Flour everywhere. Oil everywhere. If I get a deep fryer I’ll have to make donuts. I must make donuts.

This particular fried combination is herbal and tart. The yogurt and lemon cuts through the fried batter with a bright zing and the za’atar adds a savory depth. Consider this a decadent snack. If you haven’t fried herbs you should also try basil blossoms. My favorite tempura is shiso leaves, fried – individually or as a cluster. Herbs hold onto their flavor when fried but I’d select a more substantial leaf to test on… they can wilt quite easily. Giant fried basil leaves with some tomato dipping sauce am I right??? Yum.





Anyways, here’s my non-recipe for fried dill served with lemon yogurt and za’atar:

Dill Blossoms

Wet mix: Egg & milk

Dry Mix: Flour mix (rice flour is ideal for extra crunch but you can also AP flour and corn starch), salt, pepper

Vegetable oil for frying

Small yogurt seasoned with juice of 1 lemon; 1 extra lemon for serving


+ Heat oil to frying temperature ~350-375F – the surface will be calm.

+ Coat Dill blossoms with dry mix, wet mix, then dry mix again. Shake excess flour off and carefully put into hot oil. Wait until the temperature gets hot again and add another blossom using the same method, leaving plenty of space around each to continue cooking. Remove blossom from oil and allow to cool on some paper towels.

+ Squeeze some lemon juice onto the fried blossoms before serving with lemon yogurt and a hefty portion of za’atar. Optional: salt and pepper the fried flowers after lemon juice.


Deep Fried Dill Blossom with Lemon, Yogurt and Za'atar

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