Roasted Melon Soup

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Melon season is upon us. Sensual and sweet. Refreshing and decadent. Its various incantations making a daily chorus of my fruit bowl.

These particular melons are not the french melons I’ve spoken of before, but canary melons and orange honeydews – fanciful hybrids. They are everywhere at the market and all the stores. Easy to find and easy to eat. I think their abundance makes them the perfect candidates for a soupy experiment.


I’ve made very few sweet soups, but I think this recipe makes me less disinclined to pursue fruity soups… they can be as complex, spicy, and flavorful as savory ones. Complexity masked as uniformity. That’s my kind of purée. Also, cold and ready to eat straight out of the fridge.



Tips on making a chilled, roasted melon soup (click here for recipe from Tasting Table):

+ The recipe I chose comes with a small dose of ras el hanout – a moroccan spice blend that’s wonderfully aromatic. You can make your own or buy it pre-made. I prefer to purchase the store-bought kind that’s pre-ground. For this delicate soup, you’ll want to make sure the spices are properly ground when making it yourself.

+ Roasted melon gets very transparent. At least the one I cooked. It lost all of its beautiful coral color, but no matter, it made a really nice puree when it got soft from the slow roasting process. If you want to keep the color, don’t roast your melon.

+ Pomegranate molasses is not the same as pomegranate maple syrup. The latter is flavored maple syrup that’s rather sweet – much too sweet in the sweet soup with a sweetened yogurt. In my opinion, you should taste the melon soup and sweeten the yogurt accordingly. It hardly needs it.

+ Make this soup in advance – as much as a day ahead to allow the spices to fully infuse the liquid.








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