Delicious Links #6

A Delicious Links post written by on May 17, 2014


floraThis weekend, I’m sharing a collection of my favorite finds – since we all know that I’m just sitting around Pinterest and Etsy, keyboard shopping my way to commodified dreams. I thought I’d share those dreams. It is nearly the sabbath after all and tomorrow, I’m making a run towards something bright, sunny, and arborific: trees, beaches, sand, ocean, waves; a real forest to the sea, not the concrete one I’ve been sweating.

I hope you are well. It’s been very rocky ’round here and I have a recipe to share this coming week that’s a blooming marriage of savory ryebread and frittata. I’ve been testing it out for these past two weeks and consequently am stuffed and pleasantly over-fixated on its eventual imagery. It’s a slow grower and the writing is a bit slow as well.

So… I hope you enjoy these recipes and items below, as they’ve given me a lot of inspiration and joy this past week. Come back soon, let’s cook together, again.

note: the images used below are not my own, please visit their source links provided to see the recipes and full photos. it’s all worth. 

nothing ever seems interesting when it belongs to you – only when it doesn’t…
― natalie babbitt, Tuck Everlasting




[1] Homemade Hazelnut Milk by Blogging Over Thyme
[2] Asparagus, Pea,Sautee Over Chickpea Mash by Dolly & Oatmeal
[3] Birthday Cake by My Name is Yeh
[4] Boozy Citrus & Goat Cheese Popsicles by Vegetarian Ventures
[5] Go Green Burger by Fat & Furious Burger
[6] Spring Vareniki by Golubka

Delicious Links #6


[1] Watercolor Trays in Peach by Susan Dwyer via Etsy
[2] V-Neck Cocktail Dress by Naftul via Etsy
[3] Half Moon Tank by FPMovement, via Free People
[4] Porcelain Boraxo Soap Dispenser by MDQuality Goods, via Etsy
[5] Kitchen Knives by Chelsea Miller Knives, via Madesmith
[6] Embossing Rolling Pin: Fox Pattern by Valek, via Etsy



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2 Responses to “Delicious Links #6”

  1. molly yeh says:

    i love that you quoted tuck everlasting!!!! and i am excited for that rye bread frittata 🙂

    great finds. i am going to click straight over to that grey tank top because i think i need it asap. thanks so much for the link love, chickie phi!

    • phi says:

      Can you order me one too? XXXXS. also, tuck everlasting is one of my favorites!!! argh. soo good, was re-reading excerpts the other day when I was turning my downers into uppers 🙂

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