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Rice Crackers with Pistachio Butter & Candied Kumquats

i would never apologize for photographing rocks. rocks can be very beautiful. but, yes, people have asked why I don’t put people into my pictures of the natural scene. i respond, there are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

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Rice Crackers with Pistachio Butter & Candied Kumquats | Princess Tofu

There are times when I can share a recipe and I will hardly think twice, but lately I’ve been in an edit mode that’s taken over my personal as well as professional life. That’s why I am re-hashing this pistachio butter and candied kumquat toast as snacky things on crackers. It happened recently when I was invited to speak with real bloggers about food blogging and I was brazen enough to bring homemade preserves and feed it to a crowd of strangers. I blame the broken psychosis I’m carrying, but overall, there were no complaints and no one died. Win!

Of course we’ve all heard them say that necessity is the mother of invention, but if you apply that to dietary needs, it’s also the mother of modifiers, and this time, it worked wonders. Call it texture remodeling – I’m taking it from the living room to the kitchen and bringing crispy crackers to fancy toasts: I stripped the toast away and in its place, I put bite-size gluten-free rice crackers I don’t have to slice (the plain varieties at Whole Foods). It’s perfect for parties and large gatherings of hungry mouths because it’s faster to prep and lasts longer on the table while the bread turns cottony and stale from social air. The added benefit is the flavor! I love how the salty, crispiness wakes you up like midnight tortilla chips, but maybe it’s kind of healthier? Perhaps not, but the balance of chewy-sweet kumquats and buttery-citrus pistachio on salty airy chips  are perfect complements to midnight conversations, owl-dreams, or just plain foodie hallucinations. I’m doing it all, but along to the sights below – my favorite recipes of late, a vibrant hue of sunshine and bliss. It’s summer in a snap. I’m sharing them in the spirit of memorializing – I’ll be on a sandy beach this weekend, grilling vegetables embalmed with smoke and fog. If you’re not doing something similar, check out these gorgeous things I love.

Please note, some of the Etsy items have sold out since I bookmarked them to share. I think that’s a good thing for wallets, but if you’re looking for things to buy, you can view my Pinterest board of goodies or my other Etsy favorites. I think the yellow items have been more popular than usual??


note: none of the images used below are my own, please visit their source links provided to see the recipes and full photos. it’s all worth. 

Delicious Links #7 | Princess Tofu


mango salad with rhubarb ginger dressing & chili almonds by The First Mess

chamomile panna cotta with lemon poppy olive oil shortbread by Local Milk

mimosa sandwiches by Valentina Solfrini, via Verily Magazine

turmeric & honey super booster for seasonal allergy support by With Food & Love

grilled corn, black beans and quinoa with a cilantro lime dressing by Flourishing Foodie

preserved garlic in extra virgin olive oil by My Darling Lemon Thyme

Delicious Links #7 | Princess Tofu


pineapple stockings by StrathconaStockings, via etsy

yellow cut out dress by Mickeysgirl, via svpply {sold out}

lemon yellow canvas shoes by kate spade for keds

bright yellow enamel teapot by thewhitepepper, via etsy {sold}

vintage danish modern dansk kobenstyle paella pan by kibster, via etsy {sold}

vintage glasses by SecondHome, via etsy {sold}

PS: this video with its yellow shirts and awesome message made my week…  Enjoy!!!


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  1. Baby June says:

    Those crackers look delicious–so simple and so elegant. And as always, thank you for the links. <3

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