About Us

We are a team of plant-based fans and writers who love all things veggie-licious!

And not just tofu 😉

Here at Princess Tofu we will share all our favorite veggie recipes, tips and tricks. We are also big believers in education!

As such, we aim to provide answers as best we can to a range of questions you may have on ingredients, storing, foraging, harvesting, guides to which foods are vegan or not, and much more.

So dive right in to our eclectic list of recipes and get started on learning what you need to know as an aspiring (or even established) vegetarian or vegan!

red lentil pancakes

A little more about our writers…

Elizabeth – vegan recipe creator in-chief! Elizabeth loves home-cooked food and loves nothing more than foraging in her garden in rural Ireland for just the right blend of veggies for her epic dishes!

Philippe – yoga teacher and mindfulness fan, Philippe is a skilled writer who covers some of the “vegan or not” topics on our site, and is planning to cook up some delicacies for us soon!

Additional Resources

It’s always good to share the love. Here is a list of resources and websites we love and use!

Food FAQs and resources: Practical Cooks

Healthy Eating: https://www.safefood.net/healthy-eating